Ebsta for Recruitment

Market-leading relationship intelligence and enablement solutions to boost sales productivity, increase candidate engagement and drive revenue growth.

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Automate manual data entry

Ebsta provides a suite of intelligent integrations with Gmail and Outlook to automatically capture every email and calendar event into Salesforce against the related candidate, client or account record.


Identify missing candidates and clients hidden in mailboxes

Ebsta parses information from email signatures to enrich Salesforce with missing candidate or client records, up-to-date contact information, including phone numbers, job titles and social profiles, and notifications when someone is out-of-the-office or has left the business.

Driving revenue with engagement scoring

Ebsta tracks every email, call and calendar event to measure the level of engagement with each candidate, client, job and application.

The real-time insight into the strength of the engagement provides management with visibility of where the strongest relationships lie and what candidates, clients, jobs or applications are at risk through a lack of activity.

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Integrate Salesforce with LinkedIn and 50+ job boards

Ebsta’s Chrome plug-in provides Reps with access to Salesforce information as they spend their time sourcing candidates on LinkedIn and leading job boards.

As a Rep finds a candidate, Ebsta automatically alerts them to whether a record matches in Salesforce or not. If there’s a match, they’re able to view, edit and update the Salesforce record directly from the candidate profile. If not, they can create new records in just a couple of clicks.

Supercharge productivity in the Inbox

Ebsta’s leading integrations with Gmail and Outlook provide Reps with market-leading features to improve engagement with candidates and clients.

Features like email tracking, access to Salesforce templates, meeting scheduling and automated cadences help Reps improve the streamline their activities and boost the effectiveness of their communications.

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