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Ebsta provides a set of automation and sales enablement tools to maximize the efficiency of recruiters built on a market leading data capture platform which maintains Salesforce record accuracy providing;;

  • Automation of 90% manual data entry
  • Increased recruiter efficiency
  • Accurate reporting
  • Salesforce record accuracy
Ebsta the leading Salesforce integration tool

Automated activity capture

Recruiters hate manually logging activity so Ebsta automatically captures all communications and logs them against the right contacts and candidates in Salesforce without requiring any user interaction or change of behavior. This can free up 20% of recruiters time allowing them to spend an extra day per week on making placements.

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Capture the candidates and contacts hidden in mailboxes

Research we have completed shows that up to 60% of the contacts and candidates interacted with across recruitment businesses never make it onto Salesforce. When combined with the staff attrition rates this means thousands of candidates and contacts are walking out of your business. Ebsta not only captures all these contacts and makes them available in Salesforce but maintains them with the latest contact information.

Integrate job boards with Salesforce

Understanding engagement

Ebsta understands this difference between activity and engagement. Writing the unique Ebsta Score back to Salesforce this powerful metric allows you to ensure that every account, candidate, contracter is followed up with at the right time to maximize close and retention rates.

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Understanding activity

Ebsta’s Chrome Extension means you are able to pull relevant information from data sources and push it into Salesforce at the click of a button. It also matches custom fields ensuring any bespoke items within your Salesforce are kept up-to-date.

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