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Solve your Salesforce Adoption Challenges

With Ebsta, you don’t need to lose sleep over adoption or inconsistent Salesforce usage across you User base. We’ve seen first hand that the good Salesforce users can be few and far between. Ebsta’s email integration for Salesforce displays all email correspondence and contacts found in users mailboxes against Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts and Leads. So everyone has a rich and insightful Salesforce experience, regardless of user behaviour.

No More Data Entry

Ebsta displays sent and received emails that relate to contacts, accounts, leads and opportunities inside Salesforce automatically with no keystrokes required. Better yet any contacts we find in your mailbox are displayed with the most recent contact details found in email signatures – like cell numbers, social media profile links and more. No more data entry means you can focus your time on the things that really matter.


Access Better Information

Ebsta gives you a new level of insight against every contact, opportunity or account you view in Salesforce. Knowing someone is out of the office, has changed jobs or has left the company allows you to quickly take action. Seeing the activity levels and last email interaction dates you or your team have had with customers or opportunities will also help you better plan your time.


Work on Any Device

Ebsta has full integration with Gmail, Office 365, Apple Mail, iOS and Android which means your emails and contacts can appear in Salesforce, regardless of what device you use.


Full Control over your Emails and Contacts

With great power comes great responsibility and that’s why we’ve worked tirelessly to provide you with a set of controls that give you complete control over privacy. You’ll decide on who can see who’s email correspondence and contacts with the ability to ‘hide’ a single activity, all activities and/or a contact.


If you want to join hundreds of companies who have improved their Salesforce adoption using Ebsta just get in touch now.